Leaking Kimchi Jars? Here's Why!

Jars of leaking Kimchi will not only leave a sticky mess but will also leave behind a trail of smell.. Here's how you can say "goodbye" to this sticky situation!

Why does the Kimchi juice leak out of the jar?

Good bacteria in the Kimchi produces Carbon dioxide is produced as a by-product of fermentation. A small amount of Kimchi juice may leak out as the built up carbon dioxide attempts to escape from the jar. This won't affect the Kimchi but will leave a mess!

How do we avoid leakages?

Because JIN Kimchi is stored in jars with screw lids we advice to burp your JIN Kimchi upon receiving the jars even if you're not going to consume it yet. Burping involves opening the lid of the jar to release any pent up gasses from fermentation as avoid leakages. Burping the Kimchi every few days will also help to avoid leakages.

You do not need to burp your Kimchi if they're stored in jars that allow gas to escape (or if you've consumed a fair bit of Kimchi already!).

Overflowing Kimchi?

If you're experiencing an overflow of Kimchi the first time you open the jar, do not worry! This happened also because carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is pushing the kimchi out. Is the Kimchi still consumable? Yes! Go ahead and enjoy it~

What to do?

We recommend opening the rest of your kimchi in a plate of over the sink to contain the Kimchi and Kimchi juice. Remember, to burp your Kimchi 🙇🏻‍♀️

How to tell if your Kimchi is spoiled?

You will know your kimchi is spoiled if it has a foul odour or if you notice the presence of mould. Spoiled kimchi is not marked by sourness, Kimchi naturally ferments over time to become more and more sour. 

When stored properly Kimchi can last for years. Here are 5 Tips to store your Kimchi!

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