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Article: Does Kimchi go bad?

Does Kimchi go bad?

Does Kimchi go bad?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean method of salting and fermenting vegetables such as Cabbage, Radish and Cucumbers. Originally, vegetables were fermented to help them last longer. There is actually no specific expiry date for Kimchi.


How long does Kimchi last?

When kept at room temperature, Kimchi can last for a couple of days! So leaving your Kimchi out of the fridge for a few hours is totally fine (just remember avoid leaving it under direct sunlight!)

When refrigerated, Kimchi usually lasts for 3-6months, some times even pass the date of expiry on the container. This of course, is only if you've stored our kimchi properly and there's no damage to the container. Since Korean have been making Kimchi and storing it underground without it going off for a long time, this shows that the fermentation process helps preserve the Kimchi as long as it's not disturbed!

That being said, Kimchi will and does go bad when stored incorrectly! It can go rancid and result in Kimchi that smells rotten. Sourness is usually not used as an indication for spoilage as Kimchi naturally ferments to produce good probiotics causing it to become more sour (which we know some of you love!).

Now, how do we tell if your Kimchi has gone bad? Not all Kimchi recipes are the same, which may result in a variation of shelf life! Thankfully, the ways to tell if your Kimchi has gone bad remains the same.

Here's 3 Tips on how to tell if your Kimchi has gone bad!

1. Your Kimchi Looks Different

The spice in the Kimchi gives it a vibrant red hue. Over time as your JIN Kimchi ferments, you'll notice the vegetables getting slightly translucent, this is normal. However, if you notice any mold and/or organic growth on your Kimchi, this is a sign that your Kimchi is not fit for consumption anymore. 

2. Your Kimchi Smells Different

As your JIN Kimchi ferments like any other Kimchi, it starts smelling slightly sour and vinegary, this aroma gets stronger over time and is perfectly normal! However, if your Kimchi starts to smell rotten, it has most likely gone bad. In this case,  please refrain from eating the Kimchi!

3. Your Kimchi Tastes Different

As your JIN Kimchi ferments naturally over time, it starts becoming softer and develops a sour flavour. This slight change in texture and flavour is not unusual and in fact very normal. If the Kimchi gets too sour to consume by itself, we recommend cooking with it :) However, if your Kimchi tastes unpleasant and funny, we recommend not consuming it anymore.

How to store you Kimchi?

Refrigerate it at below 39°F (4°C)! Any warmer and it may accelerate spoilage. For more detailed tips visit our blogpost: Top 5 Kimchi Storage Tips You Must Know!



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