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Article: What is Fresh Kimchi?

What is Fresh Kimchi?

What is Fresh Kimchi?

When we think of Korea the first thing we think of is Kimchi, and most non-locals would know of Kimchi as a sour fermented dish. 

So when we say we sell "Fresh Kimchi" at JIN Kimchi we frequently get asked a lot "Isn't Kimchi supposed to be sour?" Well, yes and no. There's a deeper explanation to this.

So before we dive into what is fresh Kimchi, let's go through the definition of what Kimchi actually is!

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean method of salting and fermenting vegetables (almost any vegetable!) with various seasoning. Because of how varied this is, Kimchi can be considered more of a “method of making” than “a name of a dish”. 

The taste of the Kimchi depends on how long it has been fermenting. The longer the Kimchi ferments, the more salty and sour it gets, the Kimchi will also get less crunchy as time goes by. 

The best part about Kimchi is that it is a natural preservation method, so you get to enjoy it for a long time at anytime! You can have it when it’s freshly made, when it has slightly fermented or if you like it super sour, when it has fermented for months! When kept in proper conditions, Kimchi has been known to last almost a year!

What is Fresh Kimchi (Geotjeori)? 

Geotjeori (겉절이) is a traditional Korean side dish known as Fresh Kimchi. Unlike Kimchi, Geotjeori is normally made to consume within 1-2 days without any necessary fermentation. Geotjeori is usually slightly spicy, crunchy and savoury with a light sweetness (from the Fresh Napa Cabbage).

Is Geotjeori the same as Kimchi?

Yes and No. They both use similar marinate bases, except for one key ingredient: Sesame Oil. 

Geotjeori has to be consumed within days because of the oil added, any longer and it will not taste good. Whereas Kimchi will develop richer and more complex flavours as it ferments over time. 


What does JIN Kimchi sell?

At JIN Kimchi we sell Fresh Kimchi (not Geotjeori) that has just been made! This Kimchi is only days old and is only getting into fermentation. This means you get fresh, crunchy, savoury and sweet Kimchi, that will only get better with age!

What’s great about JIN Kimchi is that you get to choose when you want to consume the Kimchi. Be it at its freshest stage or when it has fermented slightly, it’ll taste good! 

How do we ensure you get Fresh Kimchi?

Most Kimchi you get off the shelves are sour and soft because of they’ve been made for some time. From the time it’s made to the time it takes to get imported to Singapore to the time it takes to reach your plate, the Kimchi would’ve fermented for quite some time.

At JIN Kimchi, all our products are made fresh daily in Singapore by our Korean Chef! Which means you’ll receive authentic, crunchy, savoury and sweet Kimchi! On top of that, we use a cold truck to deliver all our orders, so you can be assured maximum freshness! 

We even have a satisfaction guarantee! If the Kimchi you receive is sour upon receiving we will do a 1:1 exchange, no extra charges! But do let us know within 7 days of receiving your orders 🫶🏻

Want to try some Fresh Kimchi today? Definitely give JIN Kimchi a try! 

Image: JIN "Spicy" Kimchi

Need more convincing? Here are some reviews by our JIN Kimchi customers!


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