Why Does my Kimchi Taste Bitter?

Got a jar of fresh Kimchi and find it bitter? There are a few causes to this but here's the most apparent one! - lucky for us all, this is a solvable issue. 🤭

Lack of Fermentation


Freshly made Kimchi usually have a slight bitter aftertaste when compared to fermented packed ones sold in Supermarkets. This is because JIN Kimchi is made fresh daily and it's so fresh it has not had enough time to ferment. 

Solution: Chill the Kimchi

If you find that your Kimchi is too bitter, you can place it in the refrigerator for one to three more days* to allow the kimchi to ferment slightly more without having it go sour. You'll find that the bitter taste has dissipated. ❄️ Remember to burp the Kimchi before putting it in the fridge! 

*We do not recommend fermenting our Cucumber Kimchi as Cucumbers are high in water content and get soft faster than other Kimchi.

You can also enjoy your Kimchi by cooking them. Check out our website for more recipe ideas~ 👩🏻‍💻 

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