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Article: How to know if your Kimchi is fermenting?

How to know if your Kimchi is fermenting?

How to know if your Kimchi is fermenting?

Regardless of whether you enjoy Fresh or Fermented Kimchi these tips will definitely come in handy! Here are some signs to tell if your Kimchi is fermenting!

1. Presence of Bubbling

One of the most obvious sign of fermentation is the presence of bubbles. During fermentation, the good bacteria produces carbon dioxide as a by product. So if you see bubbles in your Kimchi jar, it means that fermentation has begun. But this does not necessarily mean that your Kimchi is sour just yet!

2. Sour Flavour

During fermentation, Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) metabolizes carbohydrates in the vegetables into lactic acid. This gives fermented Kimchi their sour flavour and increased acidity.

3. Vinegary Smell

As your Kimchi ferments, it will start developing a sour vinegary smell. But if it starts smelling rotten, your Kimchi MAY have gone bad. To identify if you Kimchi has gone back check out this article 👉🏻 Does Kimchi go bad?

How do you know if your Kimchi has fermented long enough? 

There is no correct or wrong answers! Depending on how you like the taste of your Kimchi, you can decide how long you want it to ferment! The longer you let your Kimchi ferment, the more sour and tangy it will taste. If you do not like sour Kimchi, you can try fresh Kimchi!

Want to find out the difference between fresh & fermented Kimchi? Click here!

If you got your kimchi from a store, you would most probably not know how long it's been fermenting for. Whether you prefer fresh savoury Kimchi or sour fermented Kimchi we recommend giving JIN Kimchi a try! 

At JIN Kimchi, we make fresh batches of Kimchi everyday! Our Kimchi will come to you fresh and savoury and you can enjoy it as it is. As the Kimchi ages over time it'll start developing a mildly sour flavour and eventually into a richer and more sour flavour. The great thing about JIN Kimchi is that it comes to you only days old! So you get to choose how long you want to let your Kimchi develop to the desired flavour profile of your choice. 

What to do if your Kimchi is too fermented for your liking?

If your Kimchi is too sour for your liking, you can whip up a dish with it, this will help dilute the sourness of the Kimchi. 

👉🏻 Korean Soft Tofu Stew Recipe

We have tons of recipe for you to explore with~

If you've just got yourself a fresh jar of Kimchi and want to slow down the rate of fermentation, definitely look out for these storage tips!

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