Fresh vs. Fermented Kimchi

When you think of Korea, the first thing you would relate it to is kimchi~

JIN "Original" Cabbage Kimchi
JIN "Original" Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi is a unique and traditional fermented ethnic food of Korea. It is packed with nutrients and low in calories, contains probiotics, slows ageing and may even aid weight loss! There are still many other health benefits brought about by the fermentation of kimchi.

The main difference between JIN kimchi and other supermarket brands kimchi is the fermentation state. 

JIN Kimchi


JIN kimchi homemade recipe is passed down through generations. It is always made fresh everyday while supermarket kimchi are more fermented. Fresh kimchi is more crunchy and less sour. On the other hand, fermented kimchi is less crunchy and it tends to be more floppy.

Looking to try some fresh kimchi? Why not give our 5 different types of kimchi a try! 
1. Original Cabbage Kimchi

2. Cucumber Kimchi

3. Radish Kimchi

4. Spring Onion Kimchi

5. White Kimchi