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Article: 5 Best Food Combinations with Kimchi!

5 Best Food Combinations with Kimchi!

5 Best Food Combinations with Kimchi!

Have you got some kimchi leftover at home or have some fresh, delicious kimchi and wondering what else you can use your kimchi for? Not to worry, we've got 5 of our best kimchi combinations for you that we think are absolutely delicious - and we're sure that you'll love them too!


Kimchi is a versatile dish - it is great in stews, soups, pancakes and even on its own. If you don't have the time to read through the entire article, we have our 5 best kimchi combinations right here: ramyeon, fried chicken, cheese, pork and eggs.

Let's move on to the combinations!


1. Kimchi with Ramyeon

Let's start with the first combination, the most classic of them all - kimchi and ramyeon!

It's a classic for a reason - the tanginess and crunch of the kimchi complements the savoury flavour notes of ramyeon very well, and it definitely brings your ramyeon up a notch. The next time you are having ramyeon at home as your late night snack, do try adding our Original Flavour Kimchi or Cucumber Kimchi for a whole new flavour experience!

2. Kimchi with Fried Chicken


The next combination we have for you is rather interesting but not something you wouldn't have tried before - kimchi and fried chicken!

The fresh bite and crunch of the kimchi is great for cutting through the greasiness of the fried chicken, and overall helps to balance the flavour and texture of the fried chicken very well.

Do try adding our Original Flavour Kimchi or Cucumber Kimchi to your fried chicken the next time you have a fried chicken feast - we're sure that you'll love it!

3. Kimchi with Cheese

Another combination that is a true classic with kimchi is cheese! Anything with cheese goes - grilled cheese, quesadilla or even pizza - it just can't go wrong!

Kimchi and cheese go really well together because the creaminess of the cheese is good for balancing out the spice of the kimchi.

If you're someone who can't take spice well but still love the flavour of kimchi, try this combination out for a milder spice level. Our Original Flavour Kimchi is a great pairing with cheese - give it a try!

4. Kimchi with Pork

This combination is another great way to bring your dishes up a notch. Some may not enjoy the strong pork smell, so adding some kimchi to your pork is a great way to enjoy pork without the overwhelming smell. The freshness and savouriness of kimchi is perfect to balance out the overall flavour of any dish with pork.

Try our Cucumber Kimchi for a refreshing kick to your pork dish - we promise you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

5. Kimchi with Eggs

The last combination we have for you may seem a little odd, but trust us - it's a great combination nonetheless. Kimchi and eggs may sound strange, but the creaminess of the egg complements that strong, bold flavour that kimchi has. It's the reason why adding an egg into your kimchi ramyeon makes it taste so much better!

It's great in scrambled eggs as a unique at-home brunch meal - our Original Flavour Kimchi will go very well with it.


And that's our top 5 kimchi food combinations! If you do try any of these combinations out, do tag us on Instagram!

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