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Article: Why is your Kimchi Package Bloated?

Why is your Kimchi Package Bloated?

Why is your Kimchi Package Bloated?

If you've bought the conventional plastic packet Kimchi off the shelves of your neighbourhood supermarket you may have noticed it bloating after a period of time. What is this phenomenal and how does it occur? Most importantly, is the Kimchi still safe for consumption? Stay on this blogpost to satiate your burning questions!

Why does your Kimchi Package Bloat?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish that is made and naturally preserved by fermenting various vegetables and seasoning. The good lactic acid bacteria in the brine are responsible for breaking down sugar in the vegetables during fermentation producing probiotics and carbon dioxide.

The bloating of the packaging you witness is from the build up of carbon dioxide produced during fermentation.

Most commercially sold Kimchi in plastic packets will come with a gas absorber, but there's only so much it can do.

Is the Kimchi still safe for consumption?

Definitely! Fermentation is a naturally occurring process in Kimchi that gives it its distinct sour flavour. The live bacteria in Kimchi will continuously cause it to ferment and produce carbon dioxide gas - this is totally normal!


What to do if your Kimchi packaging is bloated?

The solution for this is simple, simply burp the Kimchi! Open the bag every few days to release the carbon dioxide build up in the bag even if you're not about to consume it and that would do the trick!

Never seen your Kimchi packaging bloat?

Fear not! This does not necessarily mean that your Kimchi is not fermenting! It could just mean a few things:

1. Your packaging is not air tight.

2. Your packaging is non-expandable.

In the case of first scenario, where your packaging is not air tight. You can either transfer your Kimchi to another air tight container or simply leave it as it is (if the smell of Kimchi in the fridge does not bother you).

If your Kimchi packaging is non-expandable e.g. a plastic tub / glass jar, that's fine as well. You won't notice any swelling of the packaging but we also recommend opening the tub every few days to burp the Kimchi.


We hope you've found our tips helpful! If you're not a fan of overly aged and sour Kimchi, definitely do give our Kimchi a try! They're fresh and savoury, and will ferment to develop flavours nicely over a couple of weeks~

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