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Article: Top 5 Food to Eat with Kimchi

Top 5 Food to Eat with Kimchi

Top 5 Food to Eat with Kimchi

what is jin kimchi

What is Kimchi? 

It is a fermented vegetable dish that originated from Korea. If you go to any Korean restaurants, you'll be served kimchi. The most common vegetable used for kimchi is white cabbage, however, it is not the only way. There are literally thousands types of kimchi.



kimchi fried rice fusion

Got some left over rice from last night? Throw it in a pan and stir fry it with some kimchi, chicken and seaweed. It might take less than 15 minutes, and your meal is ready! The simple but flavourful dish will keep you craving more.



kimchi jjigae seafood fusion

Kimchi Jjigae is the ultimate comfort food for all Koreans, and now it will be yours too. 

Recipe for Kimchi Jjigae



kimchi with eggs fusion

 You could even fry a sunny side up egg with kimchi! Sprinkle a few pieces of kimchi on top of your egg when it's half done. It adds a kick of sourness, sweetness and a little spice to your ordinary egg. It's such a boost to a simple breakfast.



jin kimchi with ramenThat's probably the most simple dish so far, but it is a staple even for non-koreans. It don't even have to korean ramen, it could be your favourite comfort ramen. Stir in some kimchi after you turn off the heat to get a kimchi base ramen. Or you could get your kimchi cold out from the fridge and eat it as a side dish. Both ways are extremely delicious.



spaghetti with kimchi fusion

This is the first fusion dish in this list! Surprisingly, kimchi doesn't only taste good with Korean dishes, it could also be added into western dishes! Here's how to make Kimchi Spaghetti.


These are the top 5 food to eat with Kimchi! Simple yet delicious~


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