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How long can I store the Kimchi?

Kimchi is a natural fermentation dish, which makes it last longer than other food. You may keep the Kimchi in the fridge for up to 2 months but the sizes that we provide should be small enough to be consumed freshly within 2 weeks. 

The longer you keep the kimchi, the more sour will the Kimchi taste. 

My Kimchi was delivered room-temperature and not chilled. Is that okay?

Yes. We make new batches of Kimchi everyday and we ship them out the next day. In general, natural fermentation occurs with some heat. Therefore, we factored in the delivery duration as part of the natural fermentation process. This means that when you receive your Kimchi, it is naturally slightly fermented. 

By tradition in Korea, after making Kimchi, families would leave it out in the open for 3-6 hours to allow for natural fermentation before storing them in a chilled location. 

Is it vegetarian friendly?

Yes, our JIN "Geongang" Kimchi is vegetarian friendly. It is also MSG free, Keto and Vegan friendly!

How much is delivery?

We provide islandwide delivery to your door step at a flat rate of only $2.80! No minimum spend is required.

Enjoy free delivery for orders $40 and above!

Received sour/soggy Kimchi?

Rest assured! If you receive kimchi that is sour and/or soggy, WhatsApp message our customer service at 84385076 to get a 1:1 exchange*. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, that's a promise!

*For retail purchases: Please provide your receipt as a proof of purchase to be entitled to this.