[O.BBa Jjajang x JIN Kimchi] Jjajangmyeon Bundle

$23.40 $25.80

Enjoy a marry of flavours with O.BBa's Jjajangmyeon Meal Kit and JIN Kimchi's savoury and fresh JIN "Original" Kimchi.

Our JIN "Original" Cabbage Kimchi goes well with almost everything, have this refreshing Kimchi along with your Jjajangmyeon to cleanse your palate!

Enjoy this ultimate authentic, quick and fuss free Korean Meal!

 O.BBa Jjaajng - Jjangmyeon Bundle consists of: 

x1 - O.BBa Jjajang Jjajangmyeon (2 Pax Portion) 700g
x1 - JIN "Original" Kimchi 345g


Please keep the Jjajangmyeon Meal Kit in the freezer and JIN Kimchi in the fridge upon receiving.

We are licensed as safe to consume from Singapore Food Agency.

How do we deliver?

We will deliver to your door-step upon order within 1-3 working days* from Tuesday to Sunday.

*Please allow for some delay during sale periods. Due to a high volume of orders you may expect to receive your items roughly within 1-5 days. 🙇‍♂️