JIN "Original Flavour" Kimchi

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Our original and best seller, our JIN "Original Flavour" Kimchi is an authentic restaurant recipe. 

JIN Kimchi is freshly made to order daily in Singapore and is packed in small quantities of 345grams and 690grams. This kimchi is good for 2 months upon receiving.

We are licensed as safe to consume from Singapore Food Agency.

How do we deliver?

We will deliver to your door-step upon order within 2 working days including Saturday and Sunday. 

Napa Cabbage, Korean Red Pepper Powder, Apple, Ginger, Green Onion, Garlic, Onion, Sugar, Fish Sauce, Salt, Umami Seasoning

All our ingredients are sourced directly from Korea.

We are not Halal certified.

How long can I store the Kimchi?

Kimchi is a natural fermentation dish, which makes it last longer than other food. You may keep the Kimchi in the fridge for up to 2 months but the sizes that we provide should be small enough to be consumed freshly within 2 weeks. 

The longer you keep the kimchi, the more sour will the Kimchi taste. 

My Kimchi was delivered room-temperature and not chilled. Is that okay?

Yes. We make new batches of Kimchi everyday and we ship them out the next day. In general, natural fermentation occurs with some heat. Therefore, we factored in the delivery duration as part of the natural fermentation process. This means that when you receive your Kimchi, it is naturally slightly fermented. 

By tradition in Korea, after making Kimchi, families would leave it out in the open for 3-6 hours to allow for natural fermentation before storing them in a chilled location. 

Is it vegetarian friendly?

No. We put fish sauce into our kimchi.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Nope! It is a flat $2.8 for islandwide delivery with no minimum order :)

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Our customers rate our Kimchi 4.82/5 stars with over 5,000 customer feedback.

Freshness Guarantee

Our Kimchi is made daily and delivered fresh to you! Unlike other Kimchi that are commonly available, JIN Kimchi is more savoury and sweet, made to perfection.

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Delivered within 3 days

We ensure fast island-wide delivery in Singapore for all our orders.

Please take note that we do not deliver on Sundays and Mondays.

Tailored for Singapore

With over 5,000 happy repeat Singaporean customers, JIN Kimchi is many household's favourite go-to Kimchi.

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Made by Koreans

JIN Kimchi is a Korean Family recipe, passed on from generations, giving it an authentic Kimchi flavour.

Made in limited quantities daily to ensure lesser fermentation is processed before reaching you, you can expect the highest quality of fresh Kimchi.

Perfect Variety

JIN Kimchi is available in a few varieties. 

  • JIN "Original" Flavour - 345g/690g
  • JIN "Cucumber" Flavour - 345g
  • JIN "Radish" Flavour - 345g
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Sealed for safety

Our Kimchi is safety sealed and packaged in glass jars. Perfect for keeping the Kimchi in the fridge in-between consumption!

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We will ensure that our fresh Kimchi is delivered to you at an affordable rate!

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Freshness Guarantee

Our Kimchi is made 1 - 2 days prior to being delivered. This will ensure optimal taste that is savoury and sweet!

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Customer Service

You may reach us through jin.kimchi@inmarch.co or text us at 9712 3526


JIN "Original Flavour" Kimchi