K-BBQ | Skin-Off | 1-cm Pork Belly 삼겹살 - 200g


About JIN "Pork Belly"

With its attractive fat to lean meat ratio, pork belly also known as Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) is an extremely popular choice for Korean barbecue! Our JIN "Pork Belly" is not only rich in flavour, it's packed fresh!  - this means no "porky" smell! 

Not only is our pork belly oozing good, it offers high-quality protein, is a good source of collagen, Vitamin B and good cholesterol!

We are licensed as safe to consume from Singapore Food Agency.

How do we deliver?

We will deliver to your door-step upon order within 1-3 working days* from Tuesday to Sunday.

*Please allow for some delay during sale periods. Due to a high volume of orders you may expect to receive your items roughly within 1-5 days. 🙇‍♂️