JIN "Soy Marinated" Prawns - 690g


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You don't have to go to Seoul to feel like you're in Seoul! 

Soy sauce-preserved tiger prawns, a popular delicacy amongst seafood loving Koreans, are a must try delicacy for those raw seafood lovers out there!

Called "Ganjang Saewoo" (간장새우) in Korean, this cold dish is sweet and briny with a hint of spiciness.

The prawns are soaked in a special soy sauce marinade which flavours and soften the texture at the same time. With the shell already peeled, consuming it is so simple. All you need now is a warm bowl of rice accompanied with its marinade! 

Our JIN "Soy Marinated" prawns are made freshly in Singapore and is packed in quantities of 690grams! 

We are licensed as safe to consume from Singapore Food Agency.


How do we deliver?

To maintain the upmost freshness, this item can only be ordered on Fridays. We will deliver to your door-step within the next 2 days (Saturdays or Sundays).

Fresh Prawn, Water, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Rice Wine, Sugar, Lemon, Dried Pepper, Dried Kelp, Dried Shiitake, Black Pepper Seed, Apple, Pear, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Umami Seasoning

All our ingredients are sourced directly from Korea.

We are not Halal certified.

How long can I store the Kimchi?

Kimchi is a natural fermentation dish, which makes it last longer than other food. You may keep the Kimchi in the fridge for up to 2 months but the sizes that we provide should be small enough to be consumed freshly within 2 weeks. 

The longer you keep the kimchi, the more sour will the Kimchi taste. 

My Kimchi was delivered room-temperature and not chilled. Is that okay?

Yes. We make new batches of Kimchi everyday and we ship them out the next day. In general, natural fermentation occurs with some heat. Therefore, we factored in the delivery duration as part of the natural fermentation process. This means that when you receive your Kimchi, it is naturally slightly fermented. 

By tradition in Korea, after making Kimchi, families would leave it out in the open for 3-6 hours to allow for natural fermentation before storing them in a chilled location. 

Is it vegetarian friendly?

No. We put fish sauce into our kimchi.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Nope! It is a flat $2.8 for islandwide delivery with no minimum order :)

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What is this?

JIN “Soy Marinated” Prawn uses fresh tiger prawns - perfect side dish for any meal.

Because it’s raw and has a higher risk of spoilage, we have taken extra care to keep it fresh and safe for your consumption,


Keeping it fresh

We use multiple ice packs along with your prawns to keep them cold during delivery.

Singapore’s HOT. So we’re packing them in an insulated box for delivery.



To ensure the best freshness, we will specially schedule timely deliveries before 2pm on Saturday and Sunday only.





We recommend refrigerating upon receiving and to use sharing chopsticks to avoid germs from contaminating and affecting the freshness of the prawns.

Our JIN Soy Marinated Prawns are good be consumed within 1-2 weeks.


For ultimate freshness

Limited jars up for grab every Thursday at 10am!